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The Great Controversy Timeline


 (This is a new timeline showing the basics of the great controversy.  See below for the original Controversy Ended Timeline.)


The above image is 150dpi and can be printed at home onto an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper.  It is also a great size to share by texting or in an email, or even on a social media platform.
The above image is 150dpi and can be printed at home onto an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. It is also a great size to share by texting or in an email, or even on a social media platform.



NOTE:  To read the book, The Great Controversy, for yourself please click HERE (, or for a summary or audio of each chapter click HERE (






Events found on this timeline:

  • The Cross (timeline)
  • The Apostles (timeline)
  • Jerusalem destroyed
  • Persecution (first centuries)
  • An era of spiritual darkness begins
  • Reformation in Europe begins
  • The Mayflower

(These events are just a summary of the events covered in the book, The Great Controversy.  To get the most out of this book it should be read from front to back without skipping around.)


The great controversy between Christ and Satan began in Heaven before the creation of this earth.  This timeline deals only with the end of that controversy, starting with the destruction of Jerusalem, but includes what happens in the "end".  (If you have ever wished that there was a Bible-based book written in plain English that could tell you what is going to happen in the future, here it is.)

After Jesus died on the cross and returned to Heaven His followers were hunted down, thrown into prison, and many were killed.  This timeline shows in graphic form a little of what the linked book talks about in print, how Jesus took care of His church when the "Dragon" (Satan) had his followers hunt God's people down and attempt to eliminate both them and the truth they were spreading. 

For a period of 1,260 years God's people went "underground" while still spreading the Bible & truth.  (A "time" = 12 months, "times" = 24 months, and "half a time" = 6 months; 12+24+6 = 42 months; 30 days/months x 42 =1,260  -  see Rev. 13:5Rev. 12:14Rev. 12:6)  As predicted, at the end of those ages of darkness events took place that allowed The Reformation to take place.  God's Word was translated into the common language and eventually printed and made into a book. (The Bible was the first book ever printed.)  Everywhere people's hearts and lives were changed.  This infuriated the "dragon" who again attempted to eradicate God's people and His Word, but he was not able to stop the spread of truth. 

Since that time Satan has attempted to make it very hard to find the truth, even though the Bible is everywhere.  He has encouraged so many "offshoots", with one person telling you one thing and another telling you another, that it's almost impossible to find the truth.  They claim to be telling you the Bible truth, but unless you use ONLY the Bible to weigh the information you have found there is no way to know if what you have heard is true.  You MUST study your Bible!  Do not trust your salvation to ANY man!

The purpose of this timeline is to graphically show that even though things can look very bad for you personally, God has His hand on the big picture and is fighting for you.  People everywhere must know the truth about God.  They must know that He not only allowed His Son, Jesus, to come and die, but sometimes He allows His people to suffer and die too.  They must know that Jesus is coming back soon to rescue them from the results of sin and take them home to be with Him, never to suffer again.  People must know that God loves them and that He only wants the best for them.  They must know that they can trust God no matter what things look like.

The attached book, The Great Controversy, covers the events found on this timeline in greater detail, and shows from the Bible what will happen in the days to come.  As you see how God has taken care of His church and His Word, your trust in Him will grow, and you will see how this great controversy will finally end.





Timeline Printing Instructions:

  • Click here to view and download the entire timeline (300dpi file) ready for printing commercially.  (This is much too large to print at home.)


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