The focus is on Jesus!

ER Reflections



A little mishap with a muddy spot on a hill and I found myself waiting my turn in a local Emergency Room.  Looking around I thought that this is what Jesus chose to surround Himself with:  sick, needy people.

I know He did more than heal, but at this moment I just kept thinking of what it would be like if He walked into the room.  Everyone of these people had their stories and lives besides their illnesses or broken bodies.  It was a very human experience sitting in a square little room with 22 other people for 3 hours.  People looked at each other, sometimes smiled, sometimes slept, rarely talked.  It was light and then it was night and we just stayed there sitting in our little square formation of chairs.  Sometimes police would come in or paramedics with gurneys, taking in cases that were more of an emergency than us.  Over the time I was there 3 small children passed through.  They were so silent. 

Finally it's my turn.  15 minutes and my wrist is all wrapped up and I am on my way home grateful to finally be on my journey of healing, but also thankful for the promise of no more pain when Jesus comes to take us to our Heavenly home.

Thank You, Jesus, for being so REAL!  Come quickly!




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