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Proving with Math


Can a simple math statement prove the Bible to be true?

A simple if-then statement, commonly used in mathematics and computer programming can be used to prove the Bible.  (Many people who use computer spreadsheets use "if-then" statements every day.  You may have even used one and not known it.) 

God has placed in the Bible several of these conditional statements telling what would happen at some point in time AFTER the statement was written so that when it did actually happen we would know that He is real and that what was written in His Book, The Bible, can be trusted. 

The basic statement would be something like this: 

IF all of the Bible's prophecies come true THEN you know that the Bible is true, and God is real!

"This is not merely evidence. It is proof of the Bible's inspiration by God--proof so definite that the universe is not large enough to hold the evidence."  -  Professor Peter W. Stoner

You may have already seen the 300+  prophecies related just to Jesus, and this page is amazing to see, but there are many other prophecies in the Bible that are not related directly to Jesus.  Here are just a few:

  • Isaiah 13:17-19  (See the Daniel & Babylon Timeline.)
  • Jeremiah 25:11  (See the Daniel & Babylon Timeline.)
  • Daniel 12:4  (See the Knowledge Timeline.)
  • Daniel 8 & 9  (See the Daniel 8 & 9 Timeline.)
  • Daniel 2  (See the Daniel 2 Timeline.)



These prophecies HAVE come true, so you KNOW that the Bible is true and that God is real!








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