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"...Knowledge of the Holy One
results in good judgement."

Proverbs 9:10 (NLT)


What if many years ago someone very high up in God's government had accused God of not being loving and of even being unfair?  And what if they had said, "I can do it better, and if you will give me a chance I'll prove it."?

What if God had said, "OK, here's a whole planet that you have already seduced into believing your lies about me.  Go ahead and pretend that it's your own planet, and show us what you would do.  Do your absolute best because when you are done we will let the whole universe judge between your ways and my ways."?

What if ALL of the bad that is happening stems from that someone, that liar, who made all of those claims?  And what if now they are blaiming it all on God?  What if God really is loving, kind and just?

The Bible says that this "someone" is the Devil.  He, Lucifer (the one who became the Serpent, the Devil & Satan) was created perfect by God, without sin, or even the tendency to sin.  We are told that his postion in Heaven was extremely high, but that he left that position on his own accord and accused God of some pretty aweful things.  Right now he is being given time to prove his claims, and what we are seeing from all of this is that God IS loving, kind and just, and that Satan is a liar.  Jesus proved it on the Cross!

The Gospel story tells what Jesus and His Father have done, are doing, and plan to do to make things right once again.
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How can I know that God is real?  

Is Jesus really the Messiah?  

     ("silver dollars over Texas" proof)


If you have questions like these and want concise answers then you've come to the right place! is attempting to answer these and many other questions by sharing what has been learned about God, about His love and His grace as seen in the Gospel.  (When possible this is shown in timeline format.) 


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 This is a series of timelines that attempt to look at the overall picture as shown in the Bible.  Because these timelines were designed to help a person dig into why an event happened you will find very few dates on any of them.  Rather than try to pinpoint the exact "Time" something happened, these timelines are attempting to show "What" happened and "Why" it happened.


Updated: Sep 17, 2017